Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Disconnected, unhooked, offline...and crazy in withdrawal!!

Our New Journey Begins...
We finally closed on our home on Friday night, June 1st!  We started painting on Saturday morning...didn't get much done with family visiting, but hey that's the fun!  We had the whole 1st floor carpeted on Tuesday and today I have to start pulling computer's, T.V's, cables and phones apart to move to the new house so I will be disconnected, unhooked, offline and crazy with withdrawals by next Monday when I hopefully will be up and running again!  We will be between the new house and the old townhouse until June 16th, (BIG MOVE DAY) so I will not be posting at Pendra's Place but will be reaching out and visiting your sites...just to try and keep sane throughout the move!  We will be totally into our new house and saying goodbye to the townhouse by July 1st.  Stop by and say Hi, I will be checking in often and would really love to hear from you!

                                     Crafty Hugs,

p.s.  You should have seen Hannah, our little "princess size" cocker spaniel running in her "queen size" backyard for the first time... I thought I was gonna (excuse me) wet myself from laughter and happy tears!  She has been unhappily on a leash at the townhouse for 5 years.  Will post pics later!