Saturday, April 5, 2014

From one day to the next...

Happy Spring...

 The view from my backyard two days ago, it's lovely with all it's grass showing.
I went to get a drink during the night and this is what I saw...

By morning this I what I woke to, about 10" of fresh snow...
Apparently it's a very HAPPY Winter! 
Will it ever end?
                                                    Sn*wy Hugs,

My little french stool makeover...

As usual in my rush to makeover this poor, broken down, tired old stool, I didn't take a before picture. ~*ugh*~  But I think you can get a pretty good idea of what she looked like before, she had a very beat up loved old wood bottom and her top was a dirty, slightly torn tapestry in mauve pink and wedgewood blue... don't get me wrong she was a beaut in her day, but her day had come and gone!

I started with a graphic I found at The Graphics Fairy, Karen's site is full of FREE graphics and printables.  I visit her site everyday, to see what wonderful, beautiful goodies she has added.
 Using Lesley Riley's Tap, Transfer Artist Paper, I printed the graphic (in reverse) onto the paper.  After giving the ink time to dry I cut the paper as close to the image as possible.  I washed, dried in the dryer using NO fabric softener and ironed my fabric and then cut it about 2 inches larger than the lid.   I carefully centered the  paper image onto the fabric, ink side down and ironed it following the directions on the TAP.

Next, I unscrewed the hinges from the lid of the stool and laid back down the original foam and also a layer of cotton batting.

I cut the cotton batting just slightly larger than the lid of my stool.

I centered my fabric, making sure the graphic was centered and placed it onto the lid exactly where I wanted it to be and got out my heavy duty stapler.  With a little tension, pull the fabric to the back and in the center of all four sides I started stapling, working my way out on each side evenly as I go.

After I finished the stapling, I got out my glue gun and cut a piece of fabric that fit inside the lid making sure it is large enough to cover all the staples.

I used a knife to flatten out the hot glue under the fabric as I went... hot glue is really HOT!

Then I hot glued on some trim around the edges of the fabric to leave a clean finished edge.

Here's a close up view... then I re-attached my hinges to the lid.

When I started, the body of my little stool was stained wood, and it was really beat up loved.  So I mixed up a little Plaster of Paris powder into a flat white paint ( you can use your acrylic craft paint or latex interior paint) and painted the entire body.  The beauty of mixing the Plaster of Paris into your paint is you DO NOT have to sand the wood prior to painting it.  After it dried I sanded it to make it look beat up loved again.

I then re-attached the lid to the body.

Looks good, but I think it needs more...

So I got out my glue gun and my drill...  and glued on some more trims and drilled a hole and attached a little porcelain handle onto the front of the stool.

Looking pretty good now.

And here she is in my dining room, showing off her new look!

My little French stool makeover, looking pretty good...

                                                                            for a beat up very loved old stool!

Well, I've some housework to do... it really does get in the way of my fun!!



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