Monday, July 13, 2015

My ever evolving handmade Craft Room

Please join me and a lot of very talented bloggers and see all their gorgeous
creative spaces at "Where Bloggers Create 2015".  Thanks Karen!
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Welcome to my Craft Room.... at Pendra's Place

 The walls were painted a khaki tan... not very creative
So I painted them a beautiful shade of aqua
 Where to start on organizing a room full of crafting treasures?
and covering book case backs with fabric and chair seats and sew pillows...
 I covered 4 antique parlor chairs in a beautiful toile and sewed 4 pillows
with beautiful fringe and old, old buttons
 I used the same toile fabric and covered the main bookcase backs
I adore the sweet stories of a time past, told on this fabric
This is the main bookcase which holds some of my books...
 Decorating, scrapbooks, boxes of pictures...
 cardmaking, papercrafting... lot's of inspiration!
and my Cricut for Paper and Scrapbooking
(which I won for free!)
 Underneath is my rotating acrylic paint holder
and of course my entertainment center.
I put glass on my beautiful old bistro table for another setting and working area when my Grandkids join me. An old jar holds some of my favorite pieces of lace which sits on top.
 I painted the wood jar top...
and added an old jewelry button on top of a wood dresser drawer pull.
I purchased this chandelier and added some crystals... oh la la!
 This station holds my inks, spray mists, Copics
and I just added the cute little magnetic chalkboard. I painted and covered an old
stool I got at a local thrift store.  I also have pictures of Mr. P. and my family
around me to keep me inspired...

 Love them all!
 My main station... it's where I live!
 My desk top to the right is where my home computer
 and wireless printer are housed.
 The main work area is cabinets and a large laminate top we cut ourselves...
a very economical solution for a large work area and the three cabinets house all my
dies, brushes, punches, spray paints, etc.
I purchased inexpensive lights from Ikea and used garden plant holders to attach them
above my workspace for extra lighting.
My main work station, I always keep my cutting mat here and when painting
just put down wax paper or parchment paper to keep my area clean.
 My newest addition is my birdhouse magnet picture holder... thanks Sis for the great gift!
 I adore my little mannequin from JoAnns and I added her lace and an old brooch and angel wings.  The Fleur Di lis came from an online friend... thanks Rosemary I love it!
 I painted a wood frame my Dad made for me years ago and painted woodworkings from a hardware store and added to the upper corners.  I used drop cloth and a beautiful graphic from Karen at The Graphics Fairy to the top of foam board and cork and used various buttons and findings glued to stick pins for my pinboard... it is used for so many uses!  I also hung another garden plant hanger and hung a candleholder and the sweetest smelling candles.
 I painted an old brass candlestick with Plaster of Paris (POP) and flat indoor paint and sanded it down to look aged and added another old brooch to the shade.
 I also painted using POP and flat indoor paint the large wood jar top and believe it or not...
dried beef jar tops and added old wooden drawer pulls I took off an old desk.
 Organization is key when working with a lot of products and not so much space so every inch is precious real estate.  My closet holds all my scrap papers, stamps, blank cards and envelopes, ephemera, etc.
   And my hanging shelves and baskets were purchased very cheap from IKEA (have I said how much I love that place?) and hold my glues, glitters, color markers, pens, rulers, hot gun, twines, small tools, and so much more.
 Scrapbook pages in progress that I will put into shadow boxes that will hang above the IKEA hanging shelves.
 More projects in progress...
And Mr. P. purchased this for me recently... how perfect for my creative space!
Thanks for joining me and seeing my Craft room... it's forever evolving and might even look different next week, but for today, it's perfect!
Yarn / Sewing Room Sneak Peek...
I am lucky enough to have another large space in my split level home that is a work in progress,.  Here's a sneak peek at it's progress...
Wall paper removed and painted a beautiful cottage rose green.

 An old chair and ottoman ready to be re-covered.
 An old desk from my parents lake house ready to be painted and new knobs.  Also I found a table and 4 chairs that have since been painted and new seat cushions have been sewed... I'll share more on them later.
 The desk drawers got a lovely coat of pink and new crystal knobs...
perfect for a country cottage room!
 The floor is a beautiful parquet flooring, will be given a gorgeous new wax and a new sisal rug.
 The roadside found table and chairs, desk, stepstool made by my Dad
and a coat hanger all getting new paint jobs.
 I scored this gorgeous LARGE Red Wing crock and it now holds all my large rolls of batting
ready to be quilted with.
 Another roadside find was this gorgeous stain glass that I have hung in the window.
And my IKEA bookcase given to me by my Daughter now holds all my yarn and scrappy packs
for quilting with... the things dreams are made of.
Thanks for joining me and seeing my creative spaces, in progress and ever evolving!


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