Saturday, April 5, 2014

From one day to the next...

Happy Spring...

 The view from my backyard two days ago, it's lovely with all it's grass showing.
I went to get a drink during the night and this is what I saw...

By morning this I what I woke to, about 10" of fresh snow...
Apparently it's a very HAPPY Winter! 
Will it ever end?
                                                    Sn*wy Hugs,

My little french stool makeover...

As usual in my rush to makeover this poor, broken down, tired old stool, I didn't take a before picture. ~*ugh*~  But I think you can get a pretty good idea of what she looked like before, she had a very beat up loved old wood bottom and her top was a dirty, slightly torn tapestry in mauve pink and wedgewood blue... don't get me wrong she was a beaut in her day, but her day had come and gone!

I started with a graphic I found at The Graphics Fairy, Karen's site is full of FREE graphics and printables.  I visit her site everyday, to see what wonderful, beautiful goodies she has added.
 Using Lesley Riley's Tap, Transfer Artist Paper, I printed the graphic (in reverse) onto the paper.  After giving the ink time to dry I cut the paper as close to the image as possible.  I washed, dried in the dryer using NO fabric softener and ironed my fabric and then cut it about 2 inches larger than the lid.   I carefully centered the  paper image onto the fabric, ink side down and ironed it following the directions on the TAP.

Next, I unscrewed the hinges from the lid of the stool and laid back down the original foam and also a layer of cotton batting.

I cut the cotton batting just slightly larger than the lid of my stool.

I centered my fabric, making sure the graphic was centered and placed it onto the lid exactly where I wanted it to be and got out my heavy duty stapler.  With a little tension, pull the fabric to the back and in the center of all four sides I started stapling, working my way out on each side evenly as I go.

After I finished the stapling, I got out my glue gun and cut a piece of fabric that fit inside the lid making sure it is large enough to cover all the staples.

I used a knife to flatten out the hot glue under the fabric as I went... hot glue is really HOT!

Then I hot glued on some trim around the edges of the fabric to leave a clean finished edge.

Here's a close up view... then I re-attached my hinges to the lid.

When I started, the body of my little stool was stained wood, and it was really beat up loved.  So I mixed up a little Plaster of Paris powder into a flat white paint ( you can use your acrylic craft paint or latex interior paint) and painted the entire body.  The beauty of mixing the Plaster of Paris into your paint is you DO NOT have to sand the wood prior to painting it.  After it dried I sanded it to make it look beat up loved again.

I then re-attached the lid to the body.

Looks good, but I think it needs more...

So I got out my glue gun and my drill...  and glued on some more trims and drilled a hole and attached a little porcelain handle onto the front of the stool.

Looking pretty good now.

And here she is in my dining room, showing off her new look!

My little French stool makeover, looking pretty good...

                                                                            for a beat up very loved old stool!

Well, I've some housework to do... it really does get in the way of my fun!!



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Saturday, March 22, 2014

On a Butterfly Wing and a Spring Prayer

I am SO DONE WITH WINTER... we just had another 5 inches of snow a few days ago.  Thursday was the first day of Spring... will it ever get here???  To be honest with you, half my back yard has grass (what a tease) and the other half is still a good 2 feet under snow and ice.  I go to bed every night and hope and pray that tomorrow I will wake to Spring in full bloom.  Well, if I can't have it outside, I can certainly have it inside.  So I got out a few paper supplies and hit my "To Do Pile" again and got at it!

I had some really great Butterfly paper in many different sizes, so I started cutting. I had two black frames, one had a perfect mat with four cutouts, the other was smaller and perfect for what I wanted.  I liked the black frames, so no need to paint... I like that too!

After cutting out my butterflies, I picked out background paper and started assembling my groupings.  On each grouping I cutout extra's of a few of the butterflies and folded the wings to give them some depth.  I also got out some stamps and ink and stamped on the mat to give it a little character.

Sorry this is so blurry, but I wanted to show you the depth by folding the wings up a little.

With all the white stoneware I just could NOT get a good enough photo to show you the way the folded wings looked over the top of many layers in the background.

They look so beautiful with my white stoneware, sitting on top of my Arc Value Village shelves I purchased.  One shelf was black and the other was wood, but you would never know after I gave them a coat of white flat paint mixed with some Plaster of Paris.  Once they were dry I gave them a good sanding to let some of the wood underneath show through.

 Here they are in my dining room, and as you can see a little bit of Spring is starting to make an appearance here...

                                            now if only old man Winter would take his leave!

I've been working on MANY projects lately, including the little stool here in front of this chair.  I started it last Summer/Fall and it has evolved and I finally finished it... I'll share that with you in my next post. 

We also had many layers of wall paper in the foyer, that went from this...

                                        to this...

to this!  I'll share more of this to come as well, it's still a work in progress!
I think the "green" half of the back yard has lifted my spirits and with a Wing and a Prayer, my inside is starting to look like Spring and my "TO DO PILE" is finally making an appearance again, and shrinking!!  I hope that your "green" is making an appearance... 
                                                       Happy Spring Hugs,

Friday, January 24, 2014

Framed Boxwood Chalkboard Stenciled... whew that's a mouth full!

Recently I received a beautiful boxwood wreath from my dear friend Holly at Down to Earth Style and I had to do something special with it in my new "old" house...  if you are looking for creative DIY ideas please check out Holly's site, you won't be sorry!

 I started with an old Oak frame, a can of Rust-oleum Chalk Board paint, a stencil from Martha Stewart,  a piece of burlap and a pack of Crayola white chalk.

 I was lucky that the back board inside the frame was a smooth board, so I just flipped it over and gave it a very light sanding and wiped it down well.  I then took it outside and gave it a couple of light coats of the chalkboard paint.

 Let the paint dry thoroughly (I let it dry overnight) and then took a piece of white chalk and laid it on the side and covered the entire board in a coating of chalk.  Do NOT use the tip of the chalk, use it on it's side for this step!

Take a clean dry rag and give it a light wiping, you do NOT want to remove all the chalk as this is the base and you want to leave some residue so that whatever you do on top will not be permanently left on it.  I might want to change it out with the Seasons.

I then laid my stencil on top of the board and with the tip of the chalk and light pressure I just followed the lines of the stencil.  And then lightly colored it any areas inside the tracing.
  When I was happy with my stenciling I put the board back into my beautiful old oak frame.

It looks great, but not done yet...

 I took a piece of burlap and folded it through the boxwood wreath and hung it on the nail behind the frame. 

I looks great but not done yet...

  I put an old jewelry pin through both layers of the burlap right above the wreath... I have a beautiful BIG crystal snowflake pin there for the Holiday's and think I will leave it for the rest of Winter... I think it's very appropriate for Minnesota Winters!!!  I'll have to go through my jewelry stash for the other seasons.

I also hung a gold glittered ornament behind the wreath for the Holidays.  I love that by keeping a simple background I can change out this beautiful chalkboard for the Season's or events very easily.  I think it came out beautiful and everyone who comes in the door goes right to it and are always surprised that it is a chalkboard and that I did it myself!

Thanks again Holly for my beautiful handmade boxwood wreath and for all your creative inspiration while I DIY/ repurpose, and decorate my new "old" home, one project at a time.



p.s.  I've been working on some old frames that I'm re-doing with scrapbook papers and an old stool is getting a new re-do... hope to hear from you all soon!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ho Ho Ho... from Pendra's!

Love my new lil' cuties from my Sis
in their adorable little glittered knitted sweaters and hats...
she is the knitter in the family so they are so appropriate!!
 They sit on my old dry sink with my white church birdhouses
and under my beloved chalkboard...
 Thanks again to Holly from Down to Earth 
for the beautiful handmade boxwood wreath!  
I have so enjoyed decorating it for the different seasons! 

 My little snowmen... & trees made by my Father.
I just love the little framed snow face, embroidered
on old thick batting... that's a face you have to love!
 I made some handmade snowman ornaments this year...
Love their sweet little faces and rolled up felt noses!

My little trees this year were winter inspired,
 with snowmen, birds and birdhouses
 My sweet little bears in their hand knit sweaters and hats...
were also a gift from my talented Sister. 
And our stockings are snug in the sleigh,
handmade by my Mom, many years ago!
 My cozy living room

 My Mom gave me the gift of loving to quilt...
 This was one we worked on together and one of my
most favorites we ever did!
 Love the gold thread swirled on the trees!
 It sits on my dining room table.
I replaced my white stoneware on the long table
(a library table from my old Elementary School)
with my hand painted winter scene
 The Old Mill
 The Bakery
The Church and beautiful stained glass windows 
 and the Toy Store
 Once again my village was painted with my Mom and
a very cherished keepsake and memory!
 The deck outside the dining room got a little decoration
as well, white icicle's, a multi wreath and a cute
lil' Charlie Brown tree.  So pretty at night and lights
Hannah's path for her nightly walks out back!

  I made my own cards this year... I need to start in July next year though!
 I loved to work in the living room this year, especially with my helper...
 sleeping beside me!

 They turned out very pretty (although a little blurry here)
this year and I want to thank Karen from The Graphics Fairy 
for some of the wonderful graphics!  If I missed someone,
please let me know and I'll credit you!
 Santa Annie was very generous with our pets this year...
 Leyla loved her catnip filled fishes
(her Papa's a fisherman you know)
 But she pooped herself out and fell asleep with them!
 Hannah on Papa's lap said she's had enough entertainment now
and is looking forward to a long winter's nap!
My cherished Angel and Cherub
 wish you all...a very Merry Christmas
 safe, with family and friends!
And Happy Birthday to our Son, Adam!!
                                                               Holiday Hugs,
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