Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sweet Dreams

Another old project turned into a "Sweet Dream"...

 This old frame has a place for 2 photo's and a mirror in the middle, a small shelf and pegs for hanging.

 I started off with some sweet papers from Anna Griffin... a pastel colored "Toile", my favorite!  Satin flowers and lots of lace and lovely buttons, paper doilies and my Big Shot and Paper Trey Ink Die Cuts.

 Cut to fill the openings for the photos, I played with my goodies until I liked the design and then glued!

I took the mirror out and used the backing board to paint with homemade chalkboard paint.  I mixed Plaster of Paris with a little hot water and my choice of acrylic paint, Folk Art's, "Strawberry Parfait"...doesn't that sound yummy?   After it was really dry, I primed it using a stick of chalk on it's side, rub the entire surface lightly and then dry wipe it off.  I hand wrote my own design on paper and using graphite paper and a stylus, lightly transferred it to the chalkboard and then just drew it all in with white chalk! 

I put all the pieces back together in the frame and it looks very pretty together, love the soft pastels!  I'm happy with my first attempt ever at chalkboard art!

 Next I took an old bottle I had with a wood top... that I didn't like at all.  So I painted it with the same strawberry acrylic paint, when dry I applied some crackle medium and when that was tacky and almost dry, brushed on a cream colored paint.  It crackled beautifully!  The bottle has a light blue green tint and I found a pearlized button almost the same color and tied it with ribbon around the neck with a strand of fine cream colored pearls.  Next I found a sweet rose graphic from Karen at The Graphic Fairy and Mod Podged it onto the bottle.

 I think it turned out so pretty and is perfect for the new Guest Bedroom, just inside the door.

 I hung a tin roofed birdhouse hanger with lovely glass knobs right underneath for guest's to hang there coats or robes on.  I put this right inside the door so it is the first thing you see when you enter the room.

And here's the wall as you enter the room, see the empty space beneath it... I'm working on a small quilt rack to go below it and fill in the space and to have a place to put extra quilts or towels for my guests.   I have a few more projects to share and then hopefully the room can come together and I can do a full reveal.

Until then... Sweet Dreams!


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Saturday, March 30, 2013

All Happiness...


My hope for you this Easter is love and happiness
 with your families, friends and loved ones!

I'm sorry for my absence lately, my computer and health have not been cooperative!  A new computer has been ordered and set to be delivered April 5th.  My health...that's a different story, but I see the Dr. on Tuesday, so hopefully that will be "fixed" as well.

                                          Love and Peace,

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Treasures For A Song

I was here in Blogland one day visiting with my friend Kris from Junk Chic Cottage (you have to go see her gorgeous "bright, white and sunny" home) and she was sharing her day thrifting at the Goodwill.  I had been anxiously awaiting our trip out thrifting all week.  I thought we were going to the Goodwill, but upon getting there it was an ARC Value Village.  It's all the same...  treasures for a song.

Here's what I found:

These 2 pieces have the softest shade of pink.  The little basket with the handle will go right into the guest room.  And the other is a candy dish, that I will use as a cupcake stand... love the soft hint of color in both of sweet!

I love this sweet little bunny and it will make a beautiful vignette paired with a some cute little Easter eggs.   My favorite piece is the Hen sitting on her eggs... a soup tureen that will find itself housed in my French Farmhouse kitchen shelves!

The large bell jar has a slight hint of grey, and I have it sitting on top of another grey tinted cake stand, they looked so perfect together.  Sitting next to the large bell jar is the cover to a cheese ball set, I like it because it is all clear and  paired with the right size glass plate will make another beautiful cloche.  Sitting in front to the right is a teeny, tiny bell jar, that will also make a very sweet little teeny, tiny cloche.

My little bunny and mother hen are real hams...  I found this cute little silver dish, maybe a sugar dish?  And a white glazed handled urn.

This sweet little silver sugar dish is just perfect to make a pin cushion.  I have seen a few of these out there on Pinterest and they are so beautiful.  Adding some lace, buttons, ribbons and pearls, it will be lovely!

This white glazed urn will be getting a makeover too.  I've already ordered a 6" moss covered ball to sit on top.  I think it will be very pretty and add some color and height to a Spring vignette I've been thinking about!

I just had to show you again, the teeny, tiny little bell jar that I am going to make into a sweet little teeny, tiny cloche!  It may be teeny, tiny but it is so cute!

My grey tinted bell jar and cake stand had to make another appearance... it is just so BIG with attitude!

You can't see my glass plates too well in this photo... they are etched with Iris's and the long slender leaves.  The edges of the plates are ruffled and follow the outline of the flowers and leaves.  There was 6 large plates and 8 small, but I only wanted the one set and as they were sold separately I could do that...but I still felt bad breaking up the set.  I thought they would be very pretty with some dollar store candlesticks  or vases added to make a 2 tier stand... I've got to keep an eye out for them.

And lastly you can see the grapevine wreath covered in colored Easter eggs.  The wreath is in need of a little repair and has that well loved look, but the color of the eggs are so pretty, soft robin eggs blue, mint green and a few colors in between...they even have the little brown specks!  I haven't decided if I'll fix up the wreath and tie on a BIG burlap bow, or if I'll remove the eggs and make a few little nests for vignettes.

It's always fun to find things on my list, to save items and re-make them into beautiful decor for my home!  I had a very good "Thrifting" day... Mr. P. didn't fair too good, but next time it could be him finding treasures,
treasures for a song...

Have a GREAT Weekend!


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A Day at the Spa

A beautiful little spa in Inver Grove Heights, rolling hills and a beautiful stream running out back... doesn't that even sound quaint?  Inside, shampoo's of oatmeal to make your skin silky smooth in this dry weather.  A new hair cut and style, getting your nails done as well, all that a girl could ask for... right? 

The Before:

Well, this girl would rather have her hair tied in knots that you cannot get a brush through, nails that could scratch the paint right off the walls (which in the right circumstances could be useful), she hates going to the Spa!   And the smell...

Those paws look like bear paws...

 The After:

Hannah hasn't actually left the couch and her fur blanket since!

She is FREEZING... so my friend Holly at Down To Earth Style  (you have to go visit her and Mazi) suggested I go and get her a little coat.  Then I remembered I had bought her a "Pink" girly, girl camo coat earlier this winter...

Isn't she chic in her "Girly Girl" coat and her new Do?  Hannah won''t look at the camera, or me... she's embarrassed (and mad) and says it's a little like being undressed and buck naked & ON CAMERA...
oh NO!

When is it my turn to go to the Spa for a day???
I could scratch paint right off the wall... although that could be useful!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Knee Deep & Foot High...

Spring has Sprung...

And we are knee deep and foot high in snow here in Minnesota!  We got over 12" of snow here where we are and it took almost a whole day to dig out.  Poor little Hannah, the snow was deeper than she is tall, the neighbors probably think we are nuts (and it's probably true), we were out walking, plowing and shoveling paths for the little honey to get around the yard.  She loves to do a perimeter check every morning and night, so tonight we will go out and finish the rest of the path around this big old yard.  OKAY, so off task...

Today, I decided it was time for a little Spring here at Pendra's Place, so I started with an old cheese ball plate and cover that was a wedding gift 36 years ago...where did the time go?  I glued on one of the Dollar Store candlesticks with E6000 Glue, this stuff works!  And presto...I have my one and only coveted cloche's, and I love it!

This is a little wall between my living room and my kitchen, some day I want to remove it!!  It is about the center of my main living area, so it seemed a perfect spot for Spring to begin...

This is an old dry sink, the kind that they used to put the old pitcher and bowl on.  I use it as a small dresser to hold my silver and my wine glasses.  Perfect!

I added a little birds nest...

                                               with Mama and sweet!

I thought I'd share another photo of my "Lady Bug" Aerogarden, I planted with Petunia's.  The last time I shared it with you it was probably 1/2 the size... love her sweet little face!

It still doesn't have any blooms, probably shouldn't have planted her so close to a window where she can see Winter outside...she may be a little confused!

                   Spring has sprung at Pendra's Place...
                            even if we're knee deep and foot high... in snow!


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Friday, March 1, 2013

Bits & Pieces / I Was Featured

I'm sorry that I've been absent for a while, just wanted to let you know that I'm still here...  I'm getting closer to putting my guest room together, here's some bits and pieces I've been working on...

I've never had a proper guest room so I'm starting from scratch with a very small budget... basically what I've got is, what I've got!  This wood cabinet is a blanket chest that my dear sweet Dad made, as well as the wood frame in the background.  He loved to make primitive furniture and now that he is gone, we will treasure them forever!!

Anyway, I'm still here, checking out more sites, finding more inspiration and gathering more idea's...I don't think it'll ever be done, let's just say it evolves as I think all good rooms do, just like life!

Sorry for the dark shot of my sweet lace curtains, this room is so sunshiney, I just could not get a good photo!  See my little candelabra...I need to spray paint it, but don't think I'll wait for Spring, so I guess it's back into the snow bank for me!

I joined my very first Link Party...and I was Featured!  I joined Brag Monday over at The Graphics Fairy and my French Fringed Pillow was can check it out here

Thanks Karen, it was a lot of fun...and good for my soul!

Hope you all have a great weekend, get some rest...and do something FUN!  I have craft day tomorrow with my Cousin and my Sister... I better go pack!