Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Day at the Spa

A beautiful little spa in Inver Grove Heights, rolling hills and a beautiful stream running out back... doesn't that even sound quaint?  Inside, shampoo's of oatmeal to make your skin silky smooth in this dry weather.  A new hair cut and style, getting your nails done as well, all that a girl could ask for... right? 

The Before:

Well, this girl would rather have her hair tied in knots that you cannot get a brush through, nails that could scratch the paint right off the walls (which in the right circumstances could be useful), she hates going to the Spa!   And the smell...

Those paws look like bear paws...

 The After:

Hannah hasn't actually left the couch and her fur blanket since!

She is FREEZING... so my friend Holly at Down To Earth Style  (you have to go visit her and Mazi) suggested I go and get her a little coat.  Then I remembered I had bought her a "Pink" girly, girl camo coat earlier this winter...

Isn't she chic in her "Girly Girl" coat and her new Do?  Hannah won''t look at the camera, or me... she's embarrassed (and mad) and says it's a little like being undressed and buck naked & ON CAMERA...
oh NO!

When is it my turn to go to the Spa for a day???
I could scratch paint right off the wall... although that could be useful!



Cristina Garay said...

Oh my goodness, a day at the Spa made her so exhausted! :( I would trade places with her in a heartbeat! :) She looks cute in her pink camo coat!

Holly Browning said...

Hannah is ADORABLE in her chic coat! I love her groom, too. Mazi is looking shaggy, as I mentioned to you. She would be tramatized if somebody else groomed.her. Well, Hannah doesn't look too traumatised. I should try to cut her hair :when she is super tired.. Thanks for the shout sweet girl!