Friday, March 23, 2012

Mother's Day Giveaway

Check out the GREAT Mother's Day Giveaway from Luanne at The Crafter's Reference!  It runs through May 13th (Mother's Day in the Philippines) and announced on May 14th.  Tell her Pendra sent you!
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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pin It To Win It


Follow on Pinterest, Pin Your Favorite Items, and WIN

1. Create a Pinterest account (if you don't already have one) and follow on Pinterest
2. Create a board at Pinterest titled: " Pin It to Win It" and pin at least $100 worth of your favorite items from the Superstore. To do this, click the "Pin It" button on product pages at the Store.

3. Complete and submit your entry by filling out the contest form.

It's that easy... check out my Board at Pinterest:

Good Luck and Happy Crafting!!

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Thursday, March 8, 2012


 HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS,  is a new kit by a wonderful artist, Shanna Vineyard at Art Made With Heart, and she is debuting this kit on her site and I just had to share it with you today.

There are over 50 hand-drawn and hand-painted images in this kit. Because these images were not originally created digitally, this makes them so fun and different than most kits out there. She also created several circle sentiments that are easy to use on your layouts and especially cards! She hasn't been scrapbooking digitally very long but because her heart and hands long to "play" with paper and scissors She created this kit with BOTH the digital and traditional scrapbooker in mind.

KIT $8.50

These are a few of the cards that Shanna did with the kit, 
and I think they are so cute, colorful and fun.  Shanna says:
"Just copy and paste the images intoWord, resize, then print onto cardstock, cut out and 
The creative possibilities are endless!!"

 Don't Worry Be Happy

 Window Planter Box

You Are My Sunshine

Now here are two layouts... the first one is digital 

and this one she printed and scrapped traditionally... aren't they adorable!!

Well I just had to share with you today this cute kit by Shanna, head on over to her site and check it out!  She has a wonderful group of designers sharing their creative projects inspired by her kit, and if you haven't tried to scrap digitally yet this is a fun and inexpensive way to try it... 
and tell her Pendra sent you!


p.s.  Check out her fabulous New Release Party Giveaway, while you are there!!!

Crafty Hugs,


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Best of Intentions

 Somehow when I started my Blog I had all the time in the world.  It took me months to figure out how to set it up.  I didn't even know what a Blog was and really hadn't ever even seen one, I'm not exactly Internet savvy!  But after visiting a few of these brilliant Blogs and meeting some of the nicest and most talented people, I wanted to start and share my own site, so with nothing but determination I started "Pendra's Place".  I joined in a couple of Challenge sites and was really getting into it!  I am disabled and no longer work outside of the home, crafting, scrapping, knitting, crocheting, sewing and painting are my passions and this Blog opened up a whole new world to me.  I literally was talking to people around the World!  I was learning new things every day, being challenged in a way I haven't been since I worked... it was great for me, even my husband noticed a change!

  When my Mother became ill, I went and stayed at her and my Sister's home to help care for her, until her death (Breast cancer) in July of 2011.  My husband, at the same time had been laid off due to the economy, and after two years of unemployment he got a job! All his hard work finally paid off, and one year later he is now permanent and full time!  Now all of a sudden we are looking to buy a home. We are empty nester's and sold our BIG family home and have been renting the last 5 years to be near our Grandchildren... but now they are teenagers and have lives of their own so we decided it was time for us to buy another home, in the same area.  We have been married for 35 years and want a home just for the 2 of us and to start the next part of our journey together. 

I have to admit I have been dreaming of what my new craft room space will look like!  If you could start over, what advice would you give me?  What should I look for in a space?  Here's a few rooms I found on Pinterest that really got my attention!  I love the light and airy look of these rooms!  
I have to say I am a Shabby Chic kind of gal!

 Unfortunately house hunting leaves very little time for scrapping... although I love to visit everyone's Blogs, and I still will, I do believe it helps to keep me sane!  So look for my visit's and continue to visit me... I love the company!   I'll craft when I can, share when I can and visit often!  But with all the "BEST OF INTENTIONS" my Blog since the beginning, has taken a back seat to the rest of my life and it seems will do so for a little while longer... so I hope that you are patient and don't count me out just yet! 

Life will find me settled in a new house (and hopefully with a new scraproom) and ready to really start crafting and blogging again!

Crafty Hugs,