Friday, January 24, 2014

Framed Boxwood Chalkboard Stenciled... whew that's a mouth full!

Recently I received a beautiful boxwood wreath from my dear friend Holly at Down to Earth Style and I had to do something special with it in my new "old" house...  if you are looking for creative DIY ideas please check out Holly's site, you won't be sorry!

 I started with an old Oak frame, a can of Rust-oleum Chalk Board paint, a stencil from Martha Stewart,  a piece of burlap and a pack of Crayola white chalk.

 I was lucky that the back board inside the frame was a smooth board, so I just flipped it over and gave it a very light sanding and wiped it down well.  I then took it outside and gave it a couple of light coats of the chalkboard paint.

 Let the paint dry thoroughly (I let it dry overnight) and then took a piece of white chalk and laid it on the side and covered the entire board in a coating of chalk.  Do NOT use the tip of the chalk, use it on it's side for this step!

Take a clean dry rag and give it a light wiping, you do NOT want to remove all the chalk as this is the base and you want to leave some residue so that whatever you do on top will not be permanently left on it.  I might want to change it out with the Seasons.

I then laid my stencil on top of the board and with the tip of the chalk and light pressure I just followed the lines of the stencil.  And then lightly colored it any areas inside the tracing.
  When I was happy with my stenciling I put the board back into my beautiful old oak frame.

It looks great, but not done yet...

 I took a piece of burlap and folded it through the boxwood wreath and hung it on the nail behind the frame. 

I looks great but not done yet...

  I put an old jewelry pin through both layers of the burlap right above the wreath... I have a beautiful BIG crystal snowflake pin there for the Holiday's and think I will leave it for the rest of Winter... I think it's very appropriate for Minnesota Winters!!!  I'll have to go through my jewelry stash for the other seasons.

I also hung a gold glittered ornament behind the wreath for the Holidays.  I love that by keeping a simple background I can change out this beautiful chalkboard for the Season's or events very easily.  I think it came out beautiful and everyone who comes in the door goes right to it and are always surprised that it is a chalkboard and that I did it myself!

Thanks again Holly for my beautiful handmade boxwood wreath and for all your creative inspiration while I DIY/ repurpose, and decorate my new "old" home, one project at a time.



p.s.  I've been working on some old frames that I'm re-doing with scrapbook papers and an old stool is getting a new re-do... hope to hear from you all soon!