Thursday, April 12, 2012


I started blogging not quite a year ago, when my Mother was ill and I went and stayed with her and my Sister to help care for her.  We brought in Hospice so she could be at home with her family, pets and all that she loved at the end of her life.  Being away from my supplies and some long days and nights I started checking out some scrappers blogs and decided to jump right in and I started Pendra's Place... and doors opened all over the world for me, friendships blossomed and inspiration and creativity was never far from my fingertips.  Some 10 months later, the loss of my dear Mother and my health, have left me a little emotionally drained and at a low ebb in my life.  Today I decided it's long overdue and time to check in on some of my blogger friends and through RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS I was given a gift of smiles...

I go to visit my creative friend Susan and she shares on her blog of how she had been having a bit of a difficult time and sometime later finds in her mail a package, sent unannounced from a blogger friend Cely.  What a wonderful gift and what a huge impact a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS can do for another person!

This made me smile as I head over to my talented friend Lisa and find that Susan has won her Blog Candy Giveaway (which was huge-normous and chosen quite RANDOMLY) and that really made me smile, because I see through another RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS fate reaching out to our good and deserving friend Susan again!

With a gi-normous smile on my face I head over to my sweet friend Pam (who I shamefully haven't visited in too long) to find that she is getting ready to celebrate her one year Blogaversary (way to go girl) and is having a goodie-generous giveaway (you have to go check it out) for her blog friends and there it is... Pam telling how her blogging friends Susan, Lisa and me, Pendra (just to name a few) have brought her such joy and comfort this year through her beautiful blog!  Well my gi-normous smile widened from ear to ear and a few tears ran down my cheeks as her words brought a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS... to me! 

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS bring such joy to the recipient and you may never know what a gift you give be it with a package, a card or even just a word!  But I do believe that when you share a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS it is equally a gift to you and it eventually comes back full circle!   Go on... go share a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS today!
                                        Crafty Hugs and  BIG SMILES,

p.s.  Go visit these lovely ladies... just click their names and it will take you to them!  Tell them Pendra sent you!  And don't forget to check out Pam's Blogaversary Giveaway!!



Pam said...

Thank you Pendra for your sweet words. I agree with everything you have said, Susan, and Lisa are two wonderful ladies. There are so many wonderful ladies out there.

As time goes on I become so blessed to have such caring and sweet people in my life, that are in my life only because of blogland.

There is so many bad places on the internet, it's so great that in the craft world, you find only beautiful people.

I hope your Easter was lovely, how is your house hunting going? Take of yourself Pendra, be happy and healthy my sweet friend.

Hugs, Pam

Lisa said...

What an absolutely beautiful post, Pendra!! I totally agree about everything you have said about Pam and Susan!! It is amazing that I have never met any of you, yet I still feel like I know you!! The crafty blogland world is a wonderful place and I am so thankful for it!!

I hope you are doing well my sweet friend, and that you had a wonderful Easter!! And I want you to know that your post has brought a random act of kindness to me and I appreciate it so much :)

Hugs, Lisa
A Mermaid's Crafts

Christiana said...

This was so inspirational! Thanks for sharing. And thanks so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog the other day. I really appreciated it!

Benzi said...

This is such a wonderful post! I don't know the ladies you mentioned but they must be very special. Random Acts of Kindness are the very best!

Susan said...

Hi Pendra!

I'm so happy to hear my post was so uplifting for you! I know it took me a while to get here to let you know, and I am so sorry. (My son had his wisdom teeth time for fun stuff here! lol!) But when I go without my blog buds for too long I can't even tell you how much I miss everyone! I know far too well how all the ups and downs go and if I didn't have my blog sisters, including you, I would feel empty. I really think the world would be a much more peaceful place if everyone could experience the joy of a random act of kindness. I would love to post this list you have posted on my blog if that would be ok? It's a nice reminder and something I would like to include in my little RAK's I plan on doing monthly. I hope you are feeling better Pendra and I hope you know how much of a wonderful person I think you are too my friend. ;)

Take care,

sassy said...

what a lovely heart lifting too seams wehave alot in common..i too nursed my mother for 6 years till she passed away..i still feel it as bad today as i did 3 years ago..and at the time emotionally drained...i started to blog again and tried to do my thing!! became a little
easier and with the wonderful comments i have recieved it has lifted me once the moment my nerves are edgey..i feel so unwell..but will get over it im sure..i threw myself into a pink creation today and it took away the outside world for a few hours and gave me respite..sadly temporarily..oh dear i probably sound like the mad woman who sits on the bus next to you and tells her life story in 2 happens to me sometimes..why me..but we all need friends a shoulder to cry on and beautiful words to hear....hugs sassyxxx

Sue Lelli said...

Pendra, so GLAD you commented on my blog so I could come visit YOU and read this LOVELY post about RAK! That is why I think I have gravitated to card making and blogging because of all of the WONDERFUL people you "meet" and all of the wonderful things you share together. Thank YOU for writing this heart warming post!