Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pillow Talk

I've been working on pillows lately.  We still aren't too settled in the new house.  I seem to jump from room to room.  A little painting here, hanging curtains there and little sewing projects in between.  I worked on this pillow not to long ago...

Now I'm working on another pillow with a graphic from The Graphic Fairy.  Thank you Karen!  If you haven't ever been to her sites you need to go and check her out.  She is so sweet, generous and VERY creative!  Click below the graphic and it will take you to one of her sites...
 You can find this graphic here

So here's my dilemma...too many choices!  I have an antique chair you can see in my last post that these two pillows will sit on.  I can't decide if I should go with the cream trim or the black.  Which would you do???

Of course I had to add my favorite toile fabric gathered on the sides and for the envelope back.  I just love toile and lucky for me, I have LOTS!  I'm also using more of my vintage buttons, most of them Mother of Pearl that I inherited from my Mom...thanks MOM!  
I think I've used up all my decision making process on paint colors, window treatments, flooring choices and what to hang where!  When I ask Mr. P. he is of no help...everything's fine, looks great or whatever you want.  Now most of the time, that's probably exactly what I want to hear... after 37 years he knows me all too well.  hehehe!  Okay, I'm blabbing now...any opinion's?  Cream or black?



Penny Phillips said...

I like the black trim! Thank you so much for visiting me and leaving such a sweet comment. You asked about the form on my sewing theme is a styrofoam heart shape that I have had for several years. I saw some smaller ones at Hobby Lobby. Anyway, I wrapped the form with off white satin...and then just took pearl topped straight pins to attach all the embellishments! Please show me a photo when you get yours done! Hugs, Penny

Anne said...

Hello Pendra I am like you a pile that keeps growing but have sort of lost my mojo at the moment. I should go and try and find it!! Anne x

cndesigns said...

Having moved into a different home only a year ago, I understand that 'to do' list that never seems to end.

I tackled moving in more or less room by room...well actually the decorating room by room ;-)

I like the white trim on the pillow best :-)

Tina D. Buenzow said...

Hi Pendra! great blog...i don't have a blog ...yet..maybe one day...anyway i enjoy reading blogs and learning different things...there is so much talent out there!!:) i was wondering how you printed the graphic from The Graphic Fairy (love her btw) what kind of printer did you use? i am wanting to make a pillow for a friend of mine her birthday is March 1st getting short on time! Thanks for your help!Adios from Texas!!