Friday, February 1, 2013

Working the "ISH" room...

I've been painting in the guest room, this room was incredibly ISH.  It had a horrible greenish, blueish, grayish, DIRTYISH carpet.   So with the addition of the new carpet it was time to tackle the ISH walls. (Doesn't everyone put down new carpet and then paint the walls??)   They were so dirty I had to wash them not once, not twice but threeISH times before the water was mostly clear and ready for painting.

I picked a very light color in this room, a creamy white color that just makes the beautiful golden glow of the oak antiques pop off this soft color.  I love this bed (the one you can't see) and the dresser on the left, they are mine from my childhood.  I just recently was given the dresser on the right... it is very special to me as it was my Father's dresser.  The painting went so well, the color is beautiful, no spills on the new carpet (Amen) and after 2 coats I just love it.  I have been busy washing windows and woodwork, hanging the sweetest lace curtains, painting and re-working accessories.  I put on a new quilt and shams and have plans to sew new pillow cases and some new pillows too. I've got shelves and pictures to hang...  I'm hoping it has that B&B feel to it when I'm done. 

I wonder if I can make a reservation... and can I get served breakfast in bed??



Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm said...

I hope it has that B&B feel too! Looks like it's well on it's way. Maybe you should make your own B&B sign for the wall in there!

Eclectically Vintage said...

How fun to be renovating an old home! Love your furniture - your dad's dresser is beautiful!

I think you deserve a tray with a pink rose served to you once that room is complete!

chateau chic said...

Painting really helps to brighten up a room and give it new life. I'm sure you'll have a B&B feel when it's all put together.
Mary Alice

Cristina Garay said...

You're right, that color on the wall goes so well with the furniture! I love that headboard and can't wait to see your B&B!