Saturday, March 22, 2014

On a Butterfly Wing and a Spring Prayer

I am SO DONE WITH WINTER... we just had another 5 inches of snow a few days ago.  Thursday was the first day of Spring... will it ever get here???  To be honest with you, half my back yard has grass (what a tease) and the other half is still a good 2 feet under snow and ice.  I go to bed every night and hope and pray that tomorrow I will wake to Spring in full bloom.  Well, if I can't have it outside, I can certainly have it inside.  So I got out a few paper supplies and hit my "To Do Pile" again and got at it!

I had some really great Butterfly paper in many different sizes, so I started cutting. I had two black frames, one had a perfect mat with four cutouts, the other was smaller and perfect for what I wanted.  I liked the black frames, so no need to paint... I like that too!

After cutting out my butterflies, I picked out background paper and started assembling my groupings.  On each grouping I cutout extra's of a few of the butterflies and folded the wings to give them some depth.  I also got out some stamps and ink and stamped on the mat to give it a little character.

Sorry this is so blurry, but I wanted to show you the depth by folding the wings up a little.

With all the white stoneware I just could NOT get a good enough photo to show you the way the folded wings looked over the top of many layers in the background.

They look so beautiful with my white stoneware, sitting on top of my Arc Value Village shelves I purchased.  One shelf was black and the other was wood, but you would never know after I gave them a coat of white flat paint mixed with some Plaster of Paris.  Once they were dry I gave them a good sanding to let some of the wood underneath show through.

 Here they are in my dining room, and as you can see a little bit of Spring is starting to make an appearance here...

                                            now if only old man Winter would take his leave!

I've been working on MANY projects lately, including the little stool here in front of this chair.  I started it last Summer/Fall and it has evolved and I finally finished it... I'll share that with you in my next post. 

We also had many layers of wall paper in the foyer, that went from this...

                                        to this...

to this!  I'll share more of this to come as well, it's still a work in progress!
I think the "green" half of the back yard has lifted my spirits and with a Wing and a Prayer, my inside is starting to look like Spring and my "TO DO PILE" is finally making an appearance again, and shrinking!!  I hope that your "green" is making an appearance... 
                                                       Happy Spring Hugs,

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Junkchiccottage said...

Good Monday Pendra. Love your Spring vignette on the shelves. So pretty. I cannot wait to see the works in progress. Have a great week.