Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The heart wants what the heart wants...

I have been so busy on our OLD new home that I have really been neglecting my place here!  I have been taking pictures and when I can get myself a little more together, I'll be back.  Here's a sneak peek of just a few of my adventures.

I have two new rooms at the house...
I have been working on a new room of the house, my sewing room and it is looking so beautiful.  It has a cottage look to it and will house all my sewing materials and yarn... for which I have enough to last a lifetime.  I have painted a new desk, table and chairs, sewed and covered cushions, made a gorgeous curtain and sooooo much more.  I also have been working on my new craft room, it's got a beautiful new color and I have covered the back of the bookcases will toile and made new curtains and still have to cover the old metal chair cushions and finish a few décor pieces. 
I'm also changing out the curtains in the living room and adding some new old décor pieces, it's starting to look like my vision.  And my bedroom is getting a new look with of course new curtains, a new quilt, shams and a gorgeous rug, as well as new (old) wall décor.  I just can't seem to sit still and never stay in one room for very long, bouncing from room to room isn't really the way it should be, but I go where the heart wants to go... the heart wants what the heart wants! 
Hope you wait for me...  be back soon!

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Mandy Zimmerman said...

Hi Pendra! It's been years since I have visited.....Congratulations on your "New" old home!! I love old homes - so much character! I was scrolling my list of blogs and I saw your name and I thought I'd drop by...

Take care and enjoy decorating your home!
Mandy (kashagray)