Thursday, June 4, 2015

Here I go again...a girl can change her mind

I have been working on our new "old" home and wanted to get the wallpaper down and a fresh coat of paint on all the walls, so I painted just about every room in the same color, tan.  My Sister who loves color was just mortified by the lack of color, as I explained to her, I just wanted it clean and fresh and the rooms would tell me what color they wanted to be as I went.  Well the foyer went from two layers of AWFUL wallpaper... 

to one layer of wallpaper...  AWFUL!

Now, mind you this foyer is two stories high!  In my wisdom I went outside of my comfort zone and picked this rust color, since I LOVE rust so much... really I do! 


But this rust color... not so much!  Mr. P. keeps saying leave it awhile, it might grow on you.  Well it grew on me all right... it grew on my nerves.  So out came the paint chips and the tall ladder, I'll let you know if I survive the two stories for the second time.  At this rate I might have the house done about the time the mortgage is paid off!!!

So here I go again... a girl can change her mind! 
                                                        Hope to see you soon!

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